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X-pipe Q's for New Edge. Which one are u running?

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I'd like to get an X-pipe that fits/tucks in nicely. Ease of installation would probably be the multi-peice kits. So many brands out there! Which one are you running? I'm more interested in trying out the Pypes & UPR X-pipes.
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im running a custom pypes now with my LTs. When it was for the shortys it fit awesome, but they have since changed the design, all i hear is they fit like crap
on my gt i had the slp x pipe w/ high flow cats. great midpipe and has attachments that u can remove if u ever buy slp longtubes down the road. didnt tuck the best though, that was also because of the cats though.
i had a bassani x pipe on my car and it fit great, best mid pipe i've ever owned. i didn't like how it sounded and it had cats or i would have kept it. fit was great, i have a mac h pipe now and of course it fits like ass.
my bbk sits kinda low but i like...i would give the upr a try.
do u have to get a shorty x pipe with a long tube header?
do you hijack every thread ^^??

and yes lol
ive got the upr midpipe and it sits and fits good. no problems whatsoever.
i got the upr x with lm1 dumped. im getting alittle tired of the lm1 but we'll see

100_0481.flv video by ta_killer - Photobucket

03GT o/r x, slp strait thru dumped video by ta_killer - Photobucket
yes im a thread hijacker :cool:
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sounds sick takiller

but its nothing special yet..just some bolt ons with a tune :sorry

sounds more than it is, but im working on that :yes
aye thats more than i got bro!
waitin on my next check so i get a tuner
So UPR I hear from another fits good! I'll probly try it out
bassani o/r x. and call it a day
^^^ haillzz yess

but its nothing special yet..just some bolt ons with a tune :sorry

sounds more than it is, but im working on that :yes
Was that a video of you stealing that car it was flashing theft:3gears:lmao
i know this isnt an x pipe but im runnin a mac prochamber and it fits real nice and sounds good. Im lookin for a bassani x pipe to go with the cat back tho.
Either Bassani X or UPR X. I have the UPR and am compeltely satisfied with it. Fitment is great and it hangs just like the stock midpipe.
I have the Dr. Gas X pipe, fits nice and sounds out of this world. I freaking love it. It is a bit pricey but I think it is well worth it. A couple of pieces have to welded together but man does it sound great.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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