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hey guys i have the opportunity to buy a used catted magnaflow x pipe for 60 bucks. here's the catch: he replaced one of the cats with another high flow cat. he said a flange stud was almost cut off, so they torched it out? and the other cat sounds like a heat shield is loose, and he said i might have to replace that cat.

what should i do?

should i have him cut the two cats off, and replace them with the pypes cats off american muscle and clamp them on? weld them on? or would i be better off replacing the cat he thinks need replacing with the same cat he relaced the other one with? or does it even need to be replaced? and about the flange stud... what is that and is that bad he torched it off?

anyways 60 bucks is really really hard to beat. i hope someone can inform me on what i should do thanks!
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