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Yet another question on wheels :/

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What does the offset and bolt pattern mean lol?

Im looking at 18in 8.5w 35mm offset with a 5-110bolt pattern. What does a 2006 gt fit?

i know theres a bunch of posts with this question but im sick and I dont wanna go look for them :)

So the main question is what is the max offset I can have, and the correct bolt pattern? As well as width.

Is it an myth that 18's ride better then 20's?
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Bolt pattern is 5x114.3
18's will have a smoother ride than 20's because you will have a taller side wall on an 18, which will absorb more imperfections in the road. I would go with an 8 or 9" wide wheel in the front, no wider than 9". For the rear you can go from 8-10". 9" front and 10" rear is a good staggered size. Not sure what the max offset you can run. Here is some information on wheel sizing Wheel sizing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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thanks reps
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