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Thinking about buying this for my nitrous set up, only $319 from jegs and safe on stock internals, good for 15-30 hp, think it would be a good choice paired with a tuner?
15-30hp? I think thats teh wrong kit

Once your into everything... You'll be looking at about 1,500$

You know, digital window switch, bottle heater, bottle opener, purge.
You don't need a window switch, bottle heater, or opener. But You right, its not just the cost of the kit (like i thought)

After allw as said and done, I spent about $750 bucks on my entire project.

$350 for a holley sniper 75 wet shot (please go wet shot, youll thank yourself)
$xxx for a pressure guage
$390 for a tuner w/ nitrous tune
$xxx for air to fuel guage

It definately adds up.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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