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A Zombie
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Holy **** it's been a bit since I've stumbled on this site, but time to revisit :)
This is my 2011 V6 Ford Mustang, I bought it used for 16k basic nothing fancy.

After having the car through winter, summer rolled in and of course I was getting the itch. Needless to say I jumped in feet first and got Longtube Headers, offroad mid-pipe and axleback exhaust. I did buy everything secondhand so it wasnt the cleanest lookin, but I did get a solid price for all 3 parts.

Then shortly after that, I had tons of plasti-dip laying around for my previous car, I was going to plasti-dip matte black, I open it's all white, they must have messed up the order and it was far too long ago to do anything about it, so **** it the car got sprayed matte white for some fun.

After awhile I got bored of the white, it wasn't coated well enough (if I knew it was white and not black I would've gotten more gallons) So I peeled it off and had the car all blacked out with headlights,tail lights, and shoes.

Things where going well and I was just enjoying my car, until some ****er decided they would key it (in our community lot) had to be someone that lives around here...I was more than upset to say the least.

I mean, these cunts took there time. So I was pretty heartbroken about that, since life was looking down because I was unemployed and really just struggling to pay my car note things where getting really tough...

Fast forward a few months into winter, I was lucky to find a job and had been working there for maybe 3 weeks and things are starting to pick up... **** MY LIFE car accident.

Thankfully she wasn't totalled, no airbags or any suspension or frame damage. So now this is how she sits today!

The keying got fixed on the passenger side due to the accident, it still needs to be fixed on the driver side though.

I am lucky to say as of now I have still been working hard at my new job and it looks like they will be hiring me full on (from the employment agency) and I have been setting up payments to take care of all my past debt, from being unemployed I could only afford my car note, insurance and phone bill...barely. Now that I've been working things have been looking great.

Moving forward I have weighed two options, get a 2013/14 5.0 mustang, or keep the V6 Mustang and fully customize it and turbo. I am leaning more towards keeping the V6. Financially it will be a better decision and I like different.

My build list consists of-

LPF or BomberKit Turbo
Borla ATAK Catback Exhaust
3.55 Ford Racing Gears (someone chime in I heard this is what u want for FI)

Eibach Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit(front and rear)
SR Performance Double Adjustable Panhard Bar
H&R Super Sport Springs
BBK Rear Upper & Lower Control Arm kit
Eibach Pro-Damper Shocks & Struts
Ford Racing GT500 Strut Mounts
SR Performance Strut Tower Brace

Appearance/Misc. :
Modern Billet Black Retro Grille Combo (pony delete)
RTR Decklid
Raxiom Smoke Projector Headlights Halo
MMD 551C Charcoal Wheels
Aeroforce Dual Interceptor Gauge
Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Aeroforce Oil Pressure sensor
MMD Hood Struts

Please feel free to chime in on any opinions recommendations on build or anything at all! Anything is welcomed even the hateful comments.

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Hey Zombie,

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you and you definitely have a nice build going!

The decision whether to keep the sixxer or upgrade to a GT is all yours.

The 3.7 motor is no joke and when boosted they can make some GT's look slow!

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Complete Procharger Kit for the 3.7.

They install fairly easily, look great, and make awesome power.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need anything, and keep up updated with your build!

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