Too Blue For You


I know what your thinking.  That is one clean ass Mach 1!  And no doubt it is.  But don’t its beauty fool you, its packing plenty of power to back those looks up.  The owner,  Jake Richter (futureMACH1racer) has done a tremendous job with this beauty.  Jake is a project engineer for STE Construction company.  Congratulations Jake on your domination in July’s Ride of The Month.  Now on to the good stuff.

Jake made sure this thing would handle like it was on rails with a Maximum motorsports K Member, strut tower brace, and an axle brace.   Jake also has a set of MM Caster camber plates and full length sub frame connectors.  The perfect stance is because of the H&R Sport springs with a set of Bilstein shocks and struts.  Jake also has many more suspension modifications to make this one of the baddest on the road.


Now what kinda power does he make backing up that suspension?  A good bit, I would say.  Full bolt ons include:  Steeda UDP’s, C&L RAI, Accufab TB, PHP Intakes spacer, Aeromotive Fuel system, Stewart water pump, and a ported and polished intake system.  You know with all of those mods this dog has to have a mean bark right?  Well it does.  Starting with a set of Mac long tub headers flowing straight into a Mac pro chamber and finally flowing into some Borla stingers.  Now I know what your thinking.  Your thinking its just your average bolt on mach right?  WRONG!  To finish it off Jake went with a NX kit pushing a 175 shot.  Yes thats right.  A 175 shot.


Future plans are either building the lower end with custom N/A cams and a bigger shot of juice, or going with a Hellion single turbo kit. serious weight reduction, 6pt cage, drag springs, A SPEC Dual Disc Clutch, and a Viper Spec T-56. So as you can see, Jake (FM1R) has done a fine, fine job with this mach 1.  I think I speak for all of Modded Mustangs when we say congratulations Jake, and your car is one of the sexiest around.