Turbonetics Turbo Kit For ’05-’07 Mustang GT’s

Turbonetics Mustang Turbo KitTurbonetics announced today a new, bolt-on single turbo kit currently available for the 20052006 Ford Mustang GT, and soon (a couple months) to be available for 2007 models as well. Ready for sale and shipping now, the kit incorporates a patented ceramic ball bearing turbocharger for immediate spool-up and custom ECU re-flash for silky smooth power delivery from the moment that you step on the gas pedal.

From their press release, Turbonetics claims to have “conquered the complex Ford ECU on the Mustang to deliver forced induction unlike any other system offered on the market today. Our engineers overcame the tricky fly-by-wire throttle control to allow our turbocharger system to bring power in exceptionally early in the rpm range yet drive like stock. With no hesitations, herky-jerky low rpm starts, or partial throttle cruising hiccups that you will find on other supercharger and turbo kits, this system gives you complete control over your high spirited ride. Plus with no supercharger belt to drive you will have an extra 30-40 HP to put to the wheels since the turbocharger harnesses the engines exhaust gases to make power. Not to mention that fuel economy is better with turbochargers than other forced induction types because you control the boost with your right foot. The power is there right when you want it, and is not always sapping power and fuel efficiency like an rpm dependent/belt driven supercharger.”

Turbonetics Front Mount Spearco Intercooler

Turbonetics Mustang Turbo Systems Feature:

ECU uploaded with custom tune
No wires to cut, splice or connect
Retains all factory accessories and sensors
No additional tuning required
T4 Custom Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo
Spearco front mount intercooler
Raptor blow-off valve
Evolution wastegate
Re-flash engine management
Stainless oil feed line
Taps for oil return and oil feed fittings
Polished stainless exhaust tubes with v-band connections
Black chrome aluminum intercooler pipes
Silicone hoses
High flow air filter
8 drop-in high-flow injectors
T-bolt & V-band clamps
All nuts, bolts and fittings needed for installation


Installs in only one day
No modifications to chassis required
No cutting, splicing of electrical components

Turbonetics Mustang Turbocharger Kit Rear

The Bottom Line:

The end result is an astouding increase in horsepower from 300 at the crank to 550 at just 8.5 psi of boost. This should be safe on the engine and tuned for 94 octane fuel. Turbonetics has been in business for nearly 30 years manufacturing turbo and intercooler products for gasoline as well as diesel passenger and industrial applications. They pride themeselves in unsurpassed customer satisfaction and leading edge technology, based on a proven history of engineering and racing experience. All Turbonetics products are backed by a one year, no-fault / no-hassle warranty. For more information and the name of the nearest distributor, you can contact Turbonetics at (805) 581-0333 or visit their website. Part #15168.

Ford Mustang GT Turbocharger Kit by Turbonetics