Twice Bitten

To vote is a privilege, to be nominated is an honor and to be victorious is to earn a place among Modded Mustangs’ elite.  Danielle, aka “01Sportchic”, has achieved this milestone and then some by receiving her second ROTM crown.  What started life as an unloved, mismatched and neglected 1997 cobra, is now a stealthy, finely tuned serpent now coiled and laying in wait.  The ASP is currently undergoing further metamorphosis, preparing for new power and new prey.

You may remember drooling over 01Sportchic’s turbo’d black Cobra in her March ’11 ROTM victory article.  It comes as no surprise that she has repeated the performance, as this cobra is truly beauty and beast.   Sleek mirror black paint and blacked out terminator wheels understate the strike capability of this serpent.  Smoked headlights and dark tint are only opposed by the clouds of tire smoke produced when the throttle is mashed.  Now E85 ready, she is posting blistering 1/4 mile times of 11.83 @ 119.74 mph.

As it often does, horsepower has exposed a few weak points that needed to be addressed.  The grunt of 460 rwhp proved to be too much for the T45 trans resulting in a shattered input shaft and the destruction of 3rd gear.  Danielle has decided to make the swap to a 4R70W.  The tranny was installed and the 61mm turbo’s piping was rerouted to accommodate the change. A solitary dyno pull later, the ECU fried and crippled the snake once again.  The snake now lays in wait of components to maximize its lethality.  Danielle’s Cobra is shedding another layer of skin waiting to reveal its next incarnation.  With the addition of a new baby plus her wrench-handy fiance’, 01Sportchic promises numbers, times and videos soon.

Article written by: Shelbydog!