Twister Mustang By RA Motorsports

Convertible and Coupe 2008 Twister Special Ford Mustangs 

I’d like to jump right into the new 2008 Twister Mustang Special’s but first we need a history lesson about these little known cars. The “Twister” Mustang were 1970 and 1985 special editions that were built for, and sold exclusively by, dealers within Ford’s Kansas City District Sales Office. There were 96 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special’s and 90 1985 Mustang GT Twister II’s built, along with some Torino Cobra’s and Ranchero’s.

Enter RA Motorsports, who’s been building Mustangs for collectors and connoisseurs alike as a renowned auto restoration business since 1975. While they’re known for their work on Shelby Mustangs, one fateful day a customer brought in a classic 1970 Twister Mustang for a full restoration that inspired them to build a revised, limited edition 2008 Twister Mustang Special series in which only 96 are to be built.

So, after much debate and after going many rounds with Ford’s legal department, R&A got their hands on a shiney new 2007 Grabber Orange Ford Mustang GT. In cooperation with Matt Korich from CDC, they began brainstorming ideas and came up with what you see here.

2008 Twister Special Ford Mustang Coupe

The Twister Special package, listed for $12,995, incluede some really neat stuff. A functional ram air shaker with an engraved logo, a lightbar for the convertables, headrest covers, and floor mats with the Twister Special logo embroidered on it. The coupe has an amazing view from the inside courtesy of the Glassback roof. Customized, hand painted Foose wheels with the Twister logo as the centercap. Widows Peak Hood, centered headlight grill, throatier exhaust by Ford Racing, sequential taillights, new spoiler front and rear. The chin spoiler, rockers, and rear bumper have a texturized black out. To top it off an awesome updated graphics package.

Twister Special Package

  • Graphics Package
  • Foose Wheels 20×8.5. Includes “Twister Special™” center caps
  • Pirelli Performance Tires
  • Lower ground effects blacked out
  • Chin Spoiler
  • Widows Peak Hood with mar resistant textured black stripe
  • Centered Headlight Grill w/ Tri-bar Pony
  • Tail Light Panel
  • Functional Shaker with Engraved “Twister Special™” in scoop
  • Ducktail Spoiler
  • C-Pillar Scoops
  • Sequential Taillights
  • Detail Coral
  • Embroidered “Twister Special™” Floor Mats
  • Ford Racing Exhaust
  • Lowering Kit
  • Glassback Roof
  • Hood Struts
  • Embroidered “Twister Special™” headrest covers
  • Personalized Vehicle Identification Plate

Both coupe and convertible Twister Specials are planned to be on display at the CDC booth at this year’s SEMA show. And, if you’re a Twister owner, there’s even a Registry for you. Seems like everyday you find a Mustang you never knew existed.