Unique in New York

What’s black and blue and screams raw power at every light? Moe’s 2012 5.0!  Joining the forums in June ’12, this Mustang quickly and rightfully earned its place as the August ROTM.  The story of Moe’s (AKA UDEAFBRO) 5.0 will make some true Mustang fans very jealous.  Moe placed an order for his ’12 5.0 as soon as they came out in December, but even before he got the car in May, he had already ordered a Roush axleback exhaust, front CS grille, CS splitter, car cover, Steeda CAI and a tuner.

Moe’s Car stayed stock for maybe 15 minutes, but as soon as he got home from the dealer, he was burning his hands while installing his axleback exhaust on the brand new car.  Even after all this, Moe needed more and ordered an O/R X-pipe, side scoops and quarter window louvers.  Loving the sound so much, he could not keep his foot off the pedal thus averaging a measly 3 MPG, but he did not care one bit. Respectively, the license plate was changed and UDEAFBRO was born.

A few weeks later, a change was needed to make the car a little more unique.  Moe always wanted the classic Le Mans stripe down the center of the car and was dead set to make it happen. While looking at pictures online, he thought that just the matte black stripes that he planned weren’t enough. So the idea was tossed up to just wrap the whole car in matte black; but even THAT wasn’t enough. Instead of wrapping the whole car, why not leave two spaces for the grabber blue paint to be the stripes? This idea became reality and the car as we know it had finally found it’s true personality.

After getting the car wrapped, Moe couldn’t believe how well it turned out. Unfortunately though, the same day he got his car back and while just a few blocks away from home, Moe was in a terrible accident.  Despite the extent of the damage, Moe was not going to let his car go.  He fought to the bitter end and fixed his car up with a few extra goodies.  The monster was soon back on the street and turning heads once again.  Now he’s famous in the Mustang world and a celebrity on the forums.  Moe greatly deserves this month’s title of ROTM and I can’t wait to see it compete in this years’ ROTY competition.  Congratulations Moe!

Article Written By: Mach Stang