War + Party = War-Party (Dirty Ol’ Man)

War Paty and Son

MM: Ok so there’s this site named ModdedMustangs.com how did you end up there?

WP: To be honest there are only so many times you can surf the adult web sites before you have viewed every natural, and un-natural, act known to man and animal kind alike.
So I was looking for some info on twin screw blowers (try that for a mixed metaphor) and stumbled across a post in the 99/04 section of MM. I liked what I read. I then ventured into the Clubhouse. Having always wanted to write an advice column, like Ann Landers or Dear Abby, I was at home. And my advice comes from that twisted sense of humor that one develops when one is locked up with 5000 other guys in a huge floating dumpster (Aircraft Carrier) for long periods of time.

MM: Can you provide a list of every car you have ever owned?

WP: 64 Nova, 67 Mustang GT, 70 Vega (with 327 in it), 74 GMC PU, 81 Trans Am, 83 Bronco, 87 Trans Am (GTA) Oh feel bad for me- 91 Dodge Mini Van, 93 Dodge mini van, 01 Mustang GT, 03 Nissan Xtera, 05 BMW330i, Nissan Xtera, 06 Titian PU

MM: And which one was your favorite?

WP: The Nova by far, it took me 2 years of sacking groceries to build, and of course it was my first ride

MM: Was it also the fastest?

WP: Oh hell yes, I got it in 1969 with a 283 4 speed and a 411 rear end. Traffic light to traffic light is was brutal. When I was done with it, I had a 327 .60 overbored, Isky 505 solid lifter cam, Weiand Tunnel ram with 2 Holly’s on top and Mallory sparks, fender well dump headers and a tube axle, ladder traction bars, and fiberglass front end. It ran C/hotrod in the old AHRA. Best time was 11.38 and I drove it every day until I wrecked it. Oh by the way, you know the high dollar ‘Split Fire’ spark plugs? We did the same thing back in the day with a jewel’s saw and some Champion Plugs.


MM: That’s a pretty car your building, May I have ride?

WP: Sure but I have two rules

1. A$$, grass or Gas nobody rides free, you of course, are excused from the first choice!

2. Sit down, buckle up, and hold on tightly, closing your eyes only makes it worse!

MM: What inspired you to build a 9 second car?

WP: Three of the things I love, the smell of jet fuel burning on a cool morning, Nitro Methane fumes, and tire smoke. Two are out my pocket book range but the third I believe I can do. I have always loved speed, so I bought my wife a BMW to get my Mustang back. So then all my kids thought one of them was going to be gifted with the Stang. Wrong. It was dissembled the day it came off the street.

Still Faster Than My Car

Originally I had planned for a street and strip car, with mild mods. Well a computer, internet connection and time on your hands are a dangerous thing. After much research, my son and I decided we could put together a 9 sec Mustang, and be very competitive. So many many dollars and hours later we are almost done. Oh did I mention two and a half years build time. I always tell the young folks contemplating a build “Plan your build, and build your plan” It really helps keeps costs down and helps you organize your parts buying plan. This was also an attempt to make up some lost time with my son for the time I spent in the Navy. It has brought us very close together. I would recommend a project like this for any Dad with either a son or daughter, it becomes a family affair. If you look close at my car you will find a ‘pink troll’ in the engine, my grand daughter put it there and checks every time she comes over to see that she is still there.

Workin’ With The Family
MM: Who is the most “Flamboyant” person on MM?

WP: Hummm… Flame-boy-ant, there have been several that fit that description, and I have so say some of the MM Hotties are right up there with the guys. But I have to say the Zipster day in and day out here. Me I like the title of Dirty Ol’ Man of MM, thank you very much!

MM: A primered Civic with a 3 foot spoiler (aka DrAgOnZ WiNgZ) pulls up next to you and starts bouncing the engine off the rev limiter while giving you “Blue Steel” from behind his sunglasses (It’s night), what do you do?

dragon wingz

WP: I first have to overcome the urge to pull the lil’ wanker out of his ricer and throttle him until he screams F-O-R-D and kowtows down and pays homage to my mighty ‘Stang. Of course if his ricer is thumping, there is no overcoming that urge and he will have his head stuffed in to his woofer or fart pipe, maybe both!
Should I manage to overcome the urge, I will laugh hysterically and roll my window up so I don’t have smell the oily smoke that is blowing past his rings, and allow him an unchallenged ricer pass. A Stang driver must display dignity!

MSO’s Daddy!

MM: Did you know that Mso hates being called a Hippie?

WP: Yes actually, He is a sad story. Back in my Navy days, when I was wondering the world contributing to the gene pools of many third world countries, there were some off spring. He hates being called a Hippie because it’s a term of endearment between me and the Buffalo that could be his……well I used to drink a lot and sometimes I left the bar with a ten and woke up with a two…..almost had to chew my arm off one time but that is another story…but hey Mso happens.

The Grandchild And The Beast

MM: Would you like to tell us a little bit about your family?

WP: My family, Having all my kids either in the services or married to a service member, makes all service members my family My wife and I are both retired out of the Navy so we are well accustomed to the problems of service members, and try to mentor those we come in contact with.

MM: The last word?

WP: The most serious thing I can say here is any time you see a member of “my family” young or old, walk up to them and thank them for their service. They, especially the older veterans, appreciate it more then you can ever imagine.

ModdedMustangs would to thank all the veterans who have and are currently serving in the millitary and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!