We D.A.R.E. You To Try This Modded Mustang

Front Clip of A D.A.R.E. Ford MustangA few weeks back we received an email from Michael G. Adkins, a 1st Sgt. for the Caswell Co. Sheriff’s Office in Yanceyville, North Carolina. This isn’t the first D.A.R.E. car we’ve covered (remember the BUSTang?), but out of respect for authority (I wasn’t going that fast officer, honest!), and in hopes of scoring some brownie points with the local law enforcement, we’re gonna do another.

For those that don’t know, D.A.R.E. was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles and has proven so successful that it is now being implemented in 75 percent of our nation’s school districts and in more than 43 countries around the world.

Officers undergo 80 hours of special training in areas such as child development, classroom management, teaching techniques, and communication skills. 40 hours of additional training are provided to D.A.R.E. instructors to prepare them to teach the high school curriculum.

Rather than paraphrasing, we’re just going to post the letter Sgt. Adkins wrote us about their rare #93-0014 Saleen Mustang (was at the same national conference as the Bustang in 2006 and took 2nd):

I teach D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance education) to our county schools. When I am teaching DARE I drive a 1993 Mustang Saleen #93-0014 red in color. The car has a pretty good story.

Back in 1998 our department seized the car from a local drug dealer and in stayed in lot until the end of 2000. The judge ordered that the car be turned over to us to use. We used the car for two years in the field doing narcotics investigations. Sheriff Welch turned the car into a DARE car at the beginning of 2003.

The DARE design on the car is an original and is registered with DARE America. In the spring of 2006 we took a look at the car and was thinking of auctioning it off but the Sheriff did a little research on the car and found how rare this car is and decided that we would never seize another like it. We decided to paint the car and add new graphics with same design. The car look so good we took it to Orlando for the 2006 International D.A.R.E. Conference and entered it in the show. The car placed 2nd in the Active Car Class.

The car has been a eye catcher for years and we continue to find new ways to make it more appealing to our DARE Kids and community. The car is equipped with  blue and clear strobe lights, federal siren system, and all graphics are reflective. The engine is still stock and parts that have been replaced have been Saleen or Motorcraft parts. The new custom audio and video system was done by Sounds Unlimited in Danville, V.A. You can view the car from the rear hatch and watch a DVD. Lt. Riddick and I wet sanded and prepared the car for paint and it was painted by Ricky Wilson whos son is a DARE student. The Graphics were done by Mincey’s Graphics, and the lights and siren were installed by Cpl. Allen Shell with the Yanceyville Police Dept. We plan to take the car to Nashville and enter it in the 2007 Inter. DARE Conf. to represent North Carolina.

Michael G. Adkins, 1st. Sgt.
Caswell Co. Sheriff’s Office
Yanceyville, N.C.

From all of us at Modded Mustangs, we’d like to thank Sgt. Adkins and all the other D.A.R.E. officers for educating us as a kid, and for educating our kids and giving us the skills we need to “avoid involvement in drugs, gangs, and violence”.

Ford Mustang D.A.R.E. Car