What A Classic!


Will all the hype of the new technology coming out its hard to really take time to appreciate a true form of art. But I guarantee you will be amazed. June’s ROTM went to MustangOne and it was for a reason. The car is a true beauty. You can obviously tell that this guy knows what he is doing when it comes to building cars.


You already know a car this beautiful is going to have the power to back it up. This GT500 SuperSnake sports a 427 cu stroker motor that puts on an impressive 525 hp. Supplying the fuel to this beast is a Holly 750 carb, a performance fuel pump, high performance fuel filter and a 16 gallon fuel cell that I bet gets drained in about 100 miles.


As you can tell by the looks this thing was not meant to be a sleeper. So he chose an exhaust to let you know it. This thing comes rumbling down the road thanks to a set of high performance headers, dual 2.5 exhaust pipes linked to a matching H-pipe all ran through a set of 2.5 inch Spintech mufflers.


But everyone knows that cars like this are built for one thing, straight line speed. Right? Wrong. This car sports a very impressive suspension set up that makes this car able to hang on the autocross with anything. He chose to go with a Grab-A-Track suspension set-up that basically everyone knows is one of the best on the market. Up front he went with KYB Gas shocks. Out back he went with Koni gas shocks. And for traction bars he chose Cal-Tracs. Then he finished up with Rear 4 1/2 reverse leaf suspension. So as you can tell, this car is the complete package.


The owner of this Supersnake told me when he first finished this car last November he took it to the Daytona Turkey Rod Show at Daytona Speedway. He got there on Tuesday, the 2nd set up day. He then spotted a dually making laps on the track, so you know what had to be done next. H was on the track! Almost done with his second lap here he is being pulled over by the police!!!

The Officer was nice enough to let him know if he would like to stay at the speedway he would go park his car. So he did.

The owner of this car also owns mustang1.com and they sell classic stang parts.

All of us at MM want to congratulate you on building an awesome car and we look foward to seeing it in action!