What the Fox?!?!

No, your screen is not in need of adjustment, a fox body has just won Ride of the Month! Proven as a formidable opponent, foxes have garnered their share of votes in previous ROTM battles, but have fallen short of ultimate victory. Narley Carley has just made Moddedmustangs.com history as the first fox to ever take home the title. In a close race against more technologically advanced incarnations of the steed, this white notch shows it’s still about the basics – power, performance, and Mustang pride.

Oscar C. of Cove, TX spent his high school years cruising in a 1990 GT which started his long time love affair with foxes. Years later, he knew it was time for a return to his roots. After discussing it with the boss, he acquired the 1992 LX painted in 2013 performance white. His reasoning was clearly explained to his wife – “wife, fox bodies are > all, and white fox body coupes are the greatest of all fox bodies, so wife, I want that.”  His reasoning was solid, who in their right mind could argue.   The steed’s timeless lines and endless possibilities would become his new project.

Narley Carley’s ride began life as a 4 cylinder car. Once the 4 banger was extracted, a more appropriate and freshly prepped 306 with E7 heads was nestled between the strut towers.  Beneath the understated cowl hood, the engine bay is not overly showy, but clean and tidy. BBK CAI, headers, and offroad H were added and a T5 mated to an 8.8 rear with 3.73 gearing gets things moving. Suspension is enhanced with a set of Maximum Motorsports XD rear lower adjustable control arms, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, and Wild Rides welded lower torque boxes. To take care of a few age related issues, a new steering rack, tie rods and bushings were also installed. The stock seats were ditched in favor of 2003 new edge thrones.

As with any project, this pony is not at its finish line just yet. Parts on the horizon include Maximum Motorsports FLSFC’s, panhard bar, and a new stereo system (surely to bump a well know Robert Van Winkle track). Oscar hopes to put the fox into the 12’s naturally aspirated while keeping a full interior and AC – a drivable, comfortable, and stylish blast from the not so distant past. Kudos to Narley Carley for this historic ROTM win. Undoubtedly his efforts will inspire a future fox body appearance on the MM homepage.


Article written by:  Shelbydog!