When Mustangs and Lamborghinis Collide

Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang 

What do you get when you cross a… remember those jokes? Well this one isn’t a joke and, in this case, John Haugh of Cleveland, Ohio wrote it. The Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang , as he calls it, was built by combining a V-10 powered Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mustang GT. This is, quite obviously, not your typical Modded Mustang.

The Tractorri is pertty much a 520 horsepower mid-engine, all-wheel-drive Gallardo tucked inside a heavily modified Mustang. In the rear you’ll notice Gallardo taillamps and see through venting from which you can see the awsome Lamborghini powertrain.

The interior has been combined seamlessly, and although the dash and, well pretty much everything else save for the door panels, was pirated from the Lambo it really does strike a resemblance to the Mustang interior as well. Beautifully done we’d say. While we’re at it, we’d also like to than The Mustang News for the sharp pics and spotting this contraption.

Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang Interior

Haugh says it took just under a year to complete and, suprisingly, he plans to drive it regularly. He had it on display during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Tell you what, I think Ford should hook up with this guy for some of their “Bold Moves”, if they can get to him before the crazy house does. No word on what the car cost to build, though by my guess it was probably enough for someone to retire on.

Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang Rear