Who is April ROTM? That would be diablostang.


Who doesn’t love a clean SN95? I know I do, and I know you do too. It seems like these cars are becoming more and more of a rare occurrence now. But this one takes the cake. Diablostang has one of the cleanest and baddest SN95’s out there. His 1996 Mustang Cobra is one sweet ride, and it showed in your votes.

The owner of this sweet ride is Kyle Will. Kyle works with RE Performance and is getting started with his own business. But his true passion is building this mean SN95. The engine is currently being built with a .020 overbore, CP – 18CC Dished Forged aluminum pistons, Manley H Beam rods, a Teksid block, port matched intake, IMRC deletes, and all together with stock heads and cams. Needless to say this is going to be one bad ass motor.


This thing is going to be force fed through a Vortech supercharger system with 15 psi. The Vortech is equipped with an 8 Rib conversion, Procharged blow off valve, and a custom front mount intercooler setup. Supplying all of the fuel comes through two Inline ad Intake 255lPH fuel pumps. To let all of this extra air out Kyle went with BBK Longtubes and a custom x pipe running through straight through mufflers. Kyle wanted to shed some pounds and rotational mass so he went with an aluminum driveshaft. Making sure all of this power gets to the ground Kyle went with a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch. He also decided to go with a Canton deep oilpan and a Canton windage tray.


This thing really knows how to get the power to the ground. Its not all motor, it also has a bad ass suspension setup. Kyle went with the Griggs GR-40 Roadrace suspension package which comes with: Tubular k-member, Tubular A-arms, Koni coilovers, shocks and struts, a torque arm, and a panhard bar. To make sure Kyle can stop with all of this power he used Brembo 4 piston brake calipers, DBA slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, and on the way is a brake duct kit. He also has installed a MM 4 point rollbar with harness and camera mount, through the floor subframe connectors, 4.10 gears, 31 spline axles and 17×9 Cobra rims.

So as you can see this is one sweet ride. And it makes plenty of power. Kyle plans on upgrading his heads and cams soon to squeeze even more power out of this sweet ride. Good luck to you Kyle and we are proud to have you our April Ride of the Month!