There’s Still Time…

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Chariot of the God

We are all born mortal, however a select few are born immortals. One of these few is no other than “TheUNZippee!” aka Rick. He is a god among men on Modded Mustangs. That is an honor only mortals dream of, but is a reality for Rick, a highly respected admin on our site. No matter what part on the forum you venture to, Rick has graced it with his presence. After entering his car in the November Foliage ROTM and won the votes of his worshippers, or shall we say peers, to take home the title of ROTM for November.

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Meet the Staff

This week’s featured staff member for Modded Mustangs  is TheUNZippee! Meet Zip, an admin and a father to the forums here on MM.

Username: TheUNZippee!

Given name: Rick

Place of residence:
Ontario, Canada


When and why did you join MM?

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Meet the Staff

This week’s featured staff member for Modded Mustangs “Meet the Staff” article is ChrisJ! Meet ChrisJ, a fellow mustang enthusiast and admin of the forums here on MM.

Username: ChrisJ

Given name:

Place of residence: Hampton Roads, Virginia

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What the Fox?!?!

No, your screen is not in need of adjustment, a fox body has just won Ride of the Month! Proven as a formidable opponent, foxes have garnered their share of votes in previous ROTM battles, but have fallen short of ultimate victory. Narley Carley has just made history as the first fox to ever take home the title. In a close race against more technologically advanced incarnations of the steed, this white notch shows it’s still about the basics – power, performance, and Mustang pride.

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