Yur2slo: Show and Go

Smoothed, shaved, dropped, and blown; this is not your mainstream daily driven 2006 GT.  Arizona native, Tony Arme ( aka Yur2slo ) has been spinning wrenches on hotrods and classics since the tender age of 12.  Fifteen years later we are presented with the fruits of his experience, ingenuity and life long love of Mustangs.

The September ROTM features a melding of Saleen styling cues with custom personal touches galore.  The profile is long, low, and alluring.  One-off billet upper and lower grilles demand your attention and then seductively lead your gaze to the smoothed and shaved California dream hood.  Cervini side scoops round out the flanks and lead you to the rear end displaying a shaved third brake light, tinted tails and custom center exit exhaust. The body is draped in fluid-like HP white.  Black powder coated Boss 20″ wheels surround a set of gold calipered 14″ Baer discs front and rear.  To keep the Baer’s performing at their peak, Tony custom converted the saleen fog light holes to brake cooling ducts.

Getting down to the business end, this immaculate machine has more than just a pretty face.  Beneath the hood rests a stunningly presented MMR 900 forged shortblock mated with a polished Procharger F1a.  The current combo cranks out an astronomical 580 rwhp on pump gas.  Full exhaust exits through two flowmaster 50’s mounted in place of the spare tire well.  This delivers an exhaust note that cannot be attained with an over the counter system and the power translates well to the track.  At 14 psi, Yur2slo has posted a 1/4 mile best of 12.04 @ 119. A new blower setup has 11’s within reach and with the upcoming addition of a 23 psi pulley and race fuel, Yur2slo may just find himself in the 10 second echelon.

One of the most impressive attributes of this ROTM, is that all work was done by Tony himself.  Interior, suspension, driveline, engine, bodywork and even laying the paint was done by this one man army of modding.  This Mustang is truly a throwback to the old hotrod days when customization was king.  Modern muscle merged with homespun creativity and craft differentiate this machine from the rest of the pack – and don’t think Tony is done with customizing.  Here is a 1968 coupe project that is currently under construction.  Already dropped and bagged, this Mustang is well on its way to becoming a formidable member of Tony’s stable and possibly a future ROTM winner.

Article written by: Shelbydog!